Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pineapple Tarts making 6Feb2010

we gathered together at Yoke Li's place to make the CNY favourite - Pineapple Tarts. she cooked the pineapple into paste ...

we roll them into balls
first batch to sample the quality of the pastry

lunch was provided while the first batch was baking in the oven ... yummy chicken porridge with lots of extra ingredients

result of the first batch ... nice
and we went into mass production mode
baking in the oven
the end result ... nice?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Rose - New Blooms! 15Jan2010

many friends have asked me how I manage to grow roses in our weather. it is definitely not an easy task. our hot weather will cause pest issue and the blooms are small as they do not enough coldness to recover.

this is quite unique as the blooms are light green

white rose is one of the easiest and they are so pure and sweet. look at the buds ... expecting more blooms next week

yellow rose is one of the more difficult types and I m glad this guy is giving out new blooms, after a tough fight with red spider mites. those leaves that are reddish are new growth.

dark red ones gives a totally different kind of feel, so elegant

like them?

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Air Plants Dec 2009

on the last day of 2009, I got my first Tillandsia aka airplants ... they dont need soil/media, no need to water daily, no need to hv pest control ....

these are the 5 to start my small collection

capitata peach (top), velutina (bottom)
caput medusae (top 2), ionantha rubra (bottom)
now is to decide where to hang them ... and hope they grow big big and bloom soon ...

Melaka Dec2009

It has been a long time since the gang goes on a trip, so on xmas day, we woke up early and depart at 5pm to Melaka. 3 cars departed separately, using different customs but we managed to arrive at the Machap restpoint at the same time!

After bread and coffee/tea, we arrived in Melaka, just in time for morning break. What's a trip without trying the famous chicken riceballs. But most of us are not impressed with the chicken nor the riceballs, except little XinYue since she ate the most.
Look at the queue under the hot sun. We definitely will not queue for it. Not worth the effort.
need to digest some food, so we climb the hill and get some nice scenary
It's LUNCH time! we try this pernarakan restaurant and some of the dishes were good. like the otak (but Scatterseed's homemade ones are much nicer)
and the chicken ...
and the chap-cai ....
dinner was not fantastic but what is Melaka without going to Jonker Street. Look at the crowd!
and the famous Chendol ... with lots of thick thick gula melaka ... yummy ...
before we left Melaka the next day, we had to have Bak Ku Teh for breakfast ... we love the non-peppery type with lots of ingredients in it ... mushrooms, meat, vege, etc etc ... really good ...It was a good trip. and we promised each other that we should do this more often.

Rose updates Jan2010

my roses blooming for the new year! these are all re-blooms, not new plants hor ...

I love this ... so sweet and so english-like

some of us were crazy over a green rose. the re-blooms are not exactly green but they are so pretty

Sunday, December 6, 2009


my hubby loves to go fishing, so I went once with them to sea fishing in March 2005 ....

this is the island which we stayed during the nights
freshly caught fishes are very yummy

caught by the boat man

a small shark ... shark meat is quite nice but they were quite cruel to kill it ... you wouldnt want to know
dinner ... freshly caught fishes again ... simple cooking but very yummy
our catch for 2 days of hardwork
it was a good trip ... filled our ice boxes to full

but I was badly sea sick ... the waves were strong and it was too tough for me to stay out in the sea for 8hrs .... once is enough ...

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bangkok Food

thought I could write abt some of the food places I have tried in Bangkok

before I start, this is my favourite store in MBK to stock up the tid-bits

only been to this place once ... Shelter ... slightly far from BKK centre ... food is not fantastic but there is live music, so make the whole experience quite fun
what a trip without ice cream, esp BKK is hot and humid ... this is terpanyaki style ice cream at hagan daaz

I have also been to this place once ... Anna's cafe ... not able to find it anymore and the website is not working so I assume it is not in operation anymore. They serve fusion style thai food, nice and service is good ... we only remb to take pics halfway thr ...

Japanese buffet ... although quality is not that good, but it is quite cheap, esp good for big eater

street food along khao san road, where backpackers stay. this pork porridge stall was just outside swenson's so quite easy to find. Dont know if it is still there